Studio Extremes,research station “Geyser”

Studio Prix
supervisor: Wold D. Prix , assistants: Reiner Zettl, Niels Jonkans, Sophie Grell, WS2008 @Angewandte

The project deals with the notion of building in extreme environments.
The functional focus of the buildings  would be a SMALL RESEARCH STATION – as a single highly specialised live/work unit.
The technical focus will lie on adaptable and responsive structures that react to external forces. The adaption to – or the deformation by – external influences will be driven by aspects of energety sustainability in connection with adding to functional performance.

The location of a geyser influenced building in close to Reykjavik  , on Iceland. It is reacting to the eruption of a hot steamed water and activates the building , to provide the inhabitation in the research area and to investigate the ground water. The sceleton is stiffeend with the waterflow and skin isolated and heated with it.
It consists of Primary Survey laband researches livingspaces. With a change of a waterpressure it pulsates and informs inhabitants of the phase of the eruption.

the Geyser
Research station in an extreme environment

Sille Pihlak

Studio Prix Winter and Summersemester 2008/09 (Vienna, Austria)

Prof.Wolf D. Prix
assistants:   Prof.  Reiner Zettl

Niels Jonkhans

Anja Jonkhans