The workshop explores the notions of registration, representation and transformation of architectural space through motion media such as film/video and digital animation techniques. Students will design architectural installations for specific locations throughout central Berlin. The installations will serve as media performance places/spaces that address the potential of integrating informal public cinema into urban space.

The workshop has been initiated by Wolf D. Prix and conducted by Niels Jonkhans, Reiner Zettl, Sophie Grell and Jens Mehlan from the Angewandte in Vienna. International guests and speakers will include Hanns Zischler, Gregor Eichinger, Jan and Tim Edler, Lukas Feireiss and others. Selected students of Architecture from Berlin, Vienna, Mexico City, Delft and Madrid have participated.

The work has been presented to an international jury of architects and film makers on saturday, 20.02.2010.

Project in a group with Florian Fend, Daniela Kölhert, Valerie Messini.